Gel Nail Treatments in Mansfield

No outfit is complete without a set of glamorous nails, we love to create individual bespoke sets of nails for every client using premium products. Below is a description of the brands we choose to use here and why our clients love them.

Bio Sculpture Gel

Perfect for damaged, bitten and thin nails which easily soaks off without damaging the natural nail and wears for around 3 weeks. It has a 5-star safety rating for nail health, it’s sure to work wonders for you. This treatment does not require dehydration prior to their application, and it doesn’t require excess buffing throughout the procedure. It’s also free of bonders and primers, which results in a product that is 100% vegan, with no animal testing. The gel is applied over your natural nail to protect them to grow, your nails will thrive wearing this gel as a protective layer compared to wearing no gel at all!

The Gel Bottle

The Gel Bottle products help protect and improve the condition of your natural nails. The Gel Bottle encourages nail growth, so many clients are able to grow their own long, natural nails with the help of their Builder in a Bottle gel range. It also hosts a 5-star safety rating, is 100% vegan and is not tested on animals. The Gel Pot range is an incredibly strong hard gel, by using it it is possible to build, sculpt and extend much longer nails with surreal strength. No need for acrylic! 

PLEASE NOTE: Bio Sculpture gel should be used for weak, soft, or damaged nails. The Gel Bottle is best suited for all other nail types. I’m happy for you to contact me direct to discuss any of your queries.

Our Nail Treatments

Discover more information about my products on the official Bio Sculpture site. and The Gel Bottle site. Check our prices below.


Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture Gel Overlays - £32

Removal and Re-Apply - £37

Bio Sculpture Gel Toes - £25

Luxury Gel Pedicure - £37


The Gel Bottle

Builder/Hard Gel Overlays - £32

Hard Gel Infill - £30

Gel Polish Fingers or Toe’s - £25.00

Sculptured Extensions Colour/French Ombre Full Set - £45

Nail Extensions (Plastic Tips with Hard Gel) - £42


Elim - Brand New!

Express Callus Peel Pedicure (no gel) - £30

Luxury Callus Peel Pedicure including Gel Toes - £50


Nail Art & Extras

15 minutes of Nail Art - £5

30 minutes of Nail Art - £10

Gel Removal - £12.00 (With Reapplication - £5.00)


Visit our gallery of fantastic results by clicking here!

FOR FURTHER ADVICE AND GUIDANCE about my nail services, don’t hesitate to contact the salon